Pink Flamingo Exhibit:

Flamingos are flamboyantly colored birds displaying brilliant shades of pink, red, or orange and are among the most easily recognizable water birds in the world. Flamingos are social birds and tens of thousands can live together in a single colony. Our beautiful birds provide an exquisite backdrop for photographs and set a tropical ambience for your next event.

African Themed Exhibit:

Adorn your next event with the splendid animals of the African plains. We can provide a giraffe, baby zebra, lion, elephant either individually or any combination. These majestic animals are simply breathtaking and guarantee that your guests will be talking about your event for years to come. They are also available for print and media photography as well as onsite location film productions.

Primate Adventures:

Gentle yet playful, our monkeys are guaranteed to create a long lasting memory for kids and adults alike. We have numerous different types of monkeys from inquisitive capuchins to energetic squirrel monkeys to docile owl monkeys. We also have lemurs and other types of primates that are sure to be a high point at your next event.

Tropical Bird Exhibits:

All types of tropical birds for any theme or d├ęcor. Colorful macaws, parrots, cockatoos, and toucans. These magnificent birds are perfect for photo opportunities and also include tame, handleable birds for personal interaction with your guests. We also offer exotic and rare birds including African crowned cranes, pelicans, emus, ostriches, hornbills, and more.

Snakes and Reptile Exhibits:

We offer a variety of types of non-venomous snakes in all sizes and colors. Any species of desert, North American, native Florida, or tropical climate snakes are available. Children and adults can hold one of our tame, albino pythons for a thrilling keepsake photo. Groups from five to ten people can pose carrying one of our giant 100 lbs. constrictors.

Barnyard Animal Exhibit:

We offer one of the most full featured barnyard animal exhibits in South Florida. Our petting zoo is the best in the area and can be customized to fit your specific needs. Animals may include, but are not limited to, lambs, sheep, goats (baby goats in the Spring), roosters, chickens, ducks, geese, miniature cows, llamas, baby zebra, tiny horses, and our sweet, lovable donkey. Pony rides can be added for an extra treat. For an even more elaborate exhibit, we offer a costumed circus monkey, a tame giraffe, and a camel. We offer saddled camels rides upon request.

Alligator Exhibit:

For those extra special events or Everglades-themed parties, allow us to provide one of our most impressive exhibits. We transport and present a full-grown 200 lbs. live alligator exhibited in a fully installed, landscaped, and lighted ten foot by ten foot enclosure. This complete package is perfectly suitable for indoor venues such as hotels, conference halls, and carpeted interiors and also includes two fully qualified handlers consisting of a professional alligator wrestler and assistant. Also included is a 3 foot long juvenile for your guests to hold and pose for photographs.

White Swan Exhibit:

White swans are some of the most graceful and elegant animals. The glide effortlessly through the water and provide a tranquil and serene element to your event. Our swans are very tame and are sure to captivate your guests with their ballet-like motion.