Walton House

The charming, historic English-style cottage was built in 1917 by W.K. Walton and is not typical of other houses built during the same period in rural south Florida. It’s wood frame and stucco exterior is more reminiscent of the quintessential English cottage rather than the nearby residences. From its soaring gabled roof to surrounding country English flower garden and the adjacent European styled horse stable, you will experience the flavor and old world charm of England right here in South Florida.


If, however, you prefer a lush tropical setting surrounded by a multitude of rare and exotic flora, Walton House is sure to please. Situated within a 5 acre tropical botanical garden, Walton House boasts of a coral rock swimming pool with cascading waterfall, a large lagoon with beautiful white swans and Japanese koi, and a sunken pond with a flowing waterfall. Adding to the tropical ambiance is a large collection of macaws, parrots, flamingos, waterfowl, cranes, giant tortoises, and monkeys. The centerpiece to this tropical paradise is a large Indonesian style Chickee hut with an expansive deck adjacent to the tropical lagoon.


Walton House is conveniently located only 30 minutes south of Miami International Airport and 40 minutes from South Beach. Walton House offers a unique location that is ideally suited for the filming of movies or commercials, photo shoots, birthday parties, small weddings, and corporate retreats.


Primate Babies

Primatebabies advocates the responsible ownership of primates and is here to assist potential owners in finding the most suitable primate based on your criteria. Our goal is to join primates needing a home with responsible owners that will provide the best possible environment for these special animals. Owning a primate is unlike owning any other animal. Primates are intelligent, social animals and require more attention than most other animals. They have long life spans and special dietary needs. It is part of our responsibility, as we see it, to educate people on what it takes to own a primate.


Our committment to you and your new primate does not end once you receive your baby. We are always available for consultation, advice, and providing recommendations to any questions you might have. We are licensed both by the state of Florida and by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). We will gladly provide you with copies of these licenses upon request.


Monkey Play Time

Monkeyplaytime's mission is to provide an opportunity to educate and entertain both children and adults about primates through interaction and close contact with multiple species. Monkeyplaytime is licensed both through the state of Florida's Fish and Wildlife Commission and through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).


Jesse Williams Ranch

Founded in 1983, the Jesse Williams Ranch has provided thousands of children and adults their first experience with horses and life on a working farm. We open our doors to the love, passion and importance we share with our animals. As the development of urban Miami Dade County has grown around our small Horse Country neighborhood, our ranch remains as a quiet, relaxing break from the daily tensions of our modern city lives. The ranch provides an escape for the visitors, riders and families who enter our gates. The facility includes four separate barns for 40 horses. We breed, raise and train champion show and competition horses. We provide family enrichment educational animal programs, horseback riding lessons, equine assisted learning for personal growth, leadership, teambuilding, and exceptional needs adults and children. We are especially proud of our young student’s whose parents rode with us as children.